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Our Team

Kids Connect, you and your child are in excellent hands.

Our programs are crafted and specifically designed to develop the potentials of your child.  


We conduct behavioral assessment, we create personalized plan,

we set target goals, we collect and analyze data,

we strategize teaching steps, we are scientifically based,

and we are result-driven.  Yes, we are PROFESSIONALS.  


Yet yet yet, nothing is more important than having SUPER FUN in our program!  

Join us and laugh like "hahahahahaha!",

play like your child is connecting the whole world of ideas,

and learn like you are motivated and inspired.  


We proudly say that there is no program like us in Hong Kong! 

To join our team, please apply and submit your resume to

Emily Kwan, Clinical Director

 Master of Applied Disabilities (specialization in ABA), Toronto, Canada

 Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), USA

 Vice President of Hong Kong Association of Board Analysis

 Clinical Training of Social Thinking, Santa Clara, USA

 Over 20 years of experience in the field from Canada and Hong Kong

Emily is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA)® certified through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®.  She also meets the BACB® qualification to provide supervision for candidates of BCBAs and BCaBA®s. In addition, Emily also received the official clinical training in Social Thinking® directly under the founders of Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke in their headquarter office in Santa Clara.  She is the only professional in Hong Kong that obtained professional qualifications from both BACB and Social Thinking, which makes Kids Connect the unique center that provides a wide scope with rich content in their programs. 


In the past 20 years, she consulted, supervised and worked hands–on with hundreds of children with atypical learning profiles in a variety of settings across Canada and Hong Kong. The settings include center-based and home-based programs for behavioral intervention, public and private schools for school support serviced, residential programs for adults and other community based programs for social skills training.  The scope of age ranges from as young as one year old to elderly age.  


Emily is currently the Vice President of Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis (HKABA), where she was also the President of it for over 4 years in the past.  She was also one of the course instructors of the BCBA program in Hong Kong and she taught the Behavioral Assessment and Evaluation of Behavioral Interventions course.


Emily completed her Master’s degree from Brock University, where it launched the first BACB program with the classroom experience in Ontario.  When she was in Toronto, she excelled in 3 accreditations and the quality of the program were rated by the highly reputable Accreditation Canada.  In another accreditation conducted by the York University of Canada, Emily also led her clinical team to receive the highest rating in Toronto amongst the 25 clinical teams in Ontario.  


Emily specializes in tailoring Personalised Learning Plans and implementing them through the evidence-based practices of behavioral principles and social thinking framework.  She holds a high standard from assessment, to planning, to implementation, to data collection and data analysis; and aims for each child to reach their potential.  As part of her journey in promoting evidence–based intervention to the community, Emily has conducted many workshops and training sessions for parents, teachers, therapists, psychologists, administrators and the general public both in Canada and Hong Kong.  She has supervised many students in their practicum. She is also familiar with the practice and curriculum of many kindergartens and international schools in Hong Kong. 




  • Master of Applied Disabilities Studies, specialisation in Applied Behavior Analysis from Brock University, Canada (

  • Received Clinical Training Program directly from the founders of Social Thinking in the clinics of Santa Clara (​


  • Previous Faculty Instructor of BCBA program offered by HKABA (approved by BCBA from U.S.)

  • President of the Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis from 2012 - 2016

  • Supervisor of local and oversea students who is pursuing the BCBA & BCaBA qualification




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