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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to make a REAL BIG SIGNIFICANT difference to your child's development.   

  We believe that play, social and communication skills are crucial to a child's lifelong advantage.  

We believe every child has their own unique learning profile, and it is up to us how to discover and appreciate them. 

We believe children connect with others when their classes are filled with laughs and games.

  We believe the children will connect - given the right touch to the teaching method, materials, and setting.

We believe that instead of forcing a child to learn in the way we teach them, we change the way we teach them so the child can learn.


   We believe collaboration with parents are essential and we are always here to support you.   

There are many therapy options and educational practice for children, but we believe in evidence based practice. That is, practice that have been proven by research as effective and efficient approach and strategies.  We collect and analyze data.  

  We truly believe you will be surprised and impressed by how much potential we can bring out from your child!    

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