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Words of Appreciation

We are always touched by all the words of appreciation and recommendations from our parents! 


Dear Emily and the Kids Connect Team,

Thank you so much for your entire team’s expertise, patience and effort! I can see such a big difference in Iden since day one when he joined KC!  In the journey of the past two years, Iden has grown from a quiet and stubborn one to a much more easy - going, confident and outspoken boy!


With the KC tailor - made program, his potential have been attended to and brought out by the personalized programs and activities that were built for him. It is lovely to see that he participates in his classes actively, enjoys reading, learns with curiosity, loves his friends, and radiates such a positive and happy energy now!


I would highly recommend KC to other children who need the additional attention to best bring out their learning potential!


Best Regards,

Iden’s Mother  

June 20, 2019

Dear Emily and the Kids Connect Team,


We feel very fortunate that we have found Kids Connect and you have been guiding us through this bumpy journey in the past years!  We wish there were, but there are simply no words that can fully express our deepest appreciation and gratitude that KC has brought to Audrey and our families!


From the first day to the very last day, the KC team is always loving, passionate and professional.  You set broad and comprehensive goals for Audrey’s development, and able to execute these programs with a great level of attentiveness to details.  Your Personalized Learning Plan was carefully crafted and written in details, and your weekly progress update was so valuable in keeping us informed of how the week went for Audrey.  


We see how you were bringing out the potential of Audrey, and how she was challenging herself continuously and achieving the target goals and programs step by step. If there was the learning barriers, the KC team always looked out for solutions and tackled them relentlessly.


As parents, it is extremely pleasing to see my child was learning in every single session but most importantly, learning in joy and smiles! We are very proud of Audrey and very thankful towards the guidance that was given to her before her transition to primary school.  


With the years of positive experience that we had with KC, we strongly recommend the program to any families whose child may benefit from a more tailor made approach.  


Best Regards,

Audrey’s Parents

June, 2019

Dear Emily and the Clinical Team, 

Elizabeth started her journey 2 years ago and with the training, care, guidance, love and support from Emily and her team – Elizabeth has graduated as a totally different child.


Kids Connect has several communication channels for the parents e.g. face to face meetings, emails, mobile apps. This keeps everyone up to date on your child’s development and progress. Also, Elizabeth really enjoys looking back at her pictures from Kids Connect class time and activities.


Every child is unique and Elizabeth’s needs were catered for on an individual, bespoke level. She enjoyed her 1:1 time just as much as group time. Kids Connect also has outings which are invaluable as these created many “firsts” for Elizabeth e.g. first time making friends, first time going to the cinema, first time in cooking class, first time having a sports day, and much more! We are grateful that Emily and her team at Kids Connect came into our lives.


It was very hard to say goodbye! 



Rachael and Ron

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So lovely that we did meet back in Toronto! 

Year of 2012

"After working with Alex for just three months we have seen significant progress in Alex's academic and social abilities.  Emily, through a variety of teaching techniques, has certainly bought out the best in Alex and helped him prepare for his move into 8th grade in the ESF.  Teaching Alex how to use money in real life circumstances, improving his dexterity and problem solving reasoning with the use of Lego sets were all techniques that worked well with Alex.  We find Emily's teaching techniques well thought through and very effective for Alex."

Shirley and David

"Emily, I must give you very very very big thanks for your guidance and assistance given to my boy and me in the past one year.  You are not only a professional but also a caring and patient consultant.  We are so lucky to have met you one year ago.  You have really given me many supports and advice in times of hardship and frustration.  Thank you so much again!"


June of 2013


Aug 2012

My son had the pleasure of participating in the Booster Training and Social Skills Program.  He was 10 years old at the time and is diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum. 


We were in Hong Kong for 10 months for my husband's work and looking for ways to help our son expand his social skills and communication with peers.  The Social Skills Program provided just enough structure for the kids to work on something, yet gave ample room for them to talk, figure things out together, and play. Building the models gave all the kids a sense of accomplishment.  I was thrilled with the progress my son made in the program.  Each class had a goal to help my son with certain skills, eye contact, or raising his hand, unbeknownst to him.  My son thought he was just having fun.  Each class was met with anticipation and excitement and there was always so much to tell afterwards as he recounted how much fun the activities were.  For our children, learning social skills is so difficult and having such an excellent program in Hong Kong was fantastic.  I can't say enough about the therapists and how much they encouraged and helped my son reach new levels of communicating. 


I hope I was able to convey how much we appreciate all you guys did for Calvin.  I can't believe how much progress he made in HK.  He misses all the fun he had at your classes.  We are trying to find something similar here, but there really isn't anything.  I think it's just you guys!

Carol Ng

Sept 2013

Carol Ng

Sept 2013

ABA 家長訓練------行為問題大有改善!



一年多前,Ms Emily Kwan 成為了孩子的治療師,她是一位細心盡責的治療師,能對孩子行為問題的成因作出準確的分析,並設計了針對性的方案,按步就班有系統地進行訓練。最難得的是除了經驗和能力外,Ms Emily 對孩子真誠的愛和關懷,建立了孩子的自信心和互信的關係,孩子每天也樂於回校與她上課,行為也有明顯的進步。


孩子大部份時間都與家長在一起,我們懂得如何分析和處理孩子的問題行為是極為重要的,因此我決定接受 Emily 的ABA家長訓練。訓練中我重新認識和了解我的孩子,明白到以往一些做法不妥之處和未能有效的原因,亦學懂如何設計改善行為的計劃,成為孩子最貼身、最持久的治療師。


June of 2014

"I can't imagine Annika's life without the two of you! Your kindness and generosity of spirit have left an indelible imprint on our family. You have been fantastic in your ABA program set up and implementation. But beyond that, you have believed in her abilities, studied them, and expanded them.  She has a richer life because of you two - just look at all the different foods she now loves and eats. And there have been so many funny, silly, goofy memories - although the "Yvonne's baby in tummy" may be the one I laugh about longest. Engagement - Pregnancy - - - well, we have worked on helping Annika tell the difference between those two! I also thank you for personalizing social books for her (and who could guess that puberty could hold off this long).

We still have a few days left, and the rest of our lives to keep in touch (and who wouldn't want Annika to act a their tour guide in London)?"

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