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Why Do We Do It?

Research showed that a typical family with a child with special rights may go through an average of 8 kinds of interventions before settling on one that is effective.   The research also showed that it takes up an average of 12 to 18 months for parents to find an effective intervention for their child.  


Many families have spent a lot of their resources and time looking for what can help their child.  Unfortunately, a child who undergoes the pathway of ineffective treatment can very likely miss their golden time when their brains are most responsive to behavioral intervention.  

As well, the content of the child's intervention plan and curriculum should be adjusted closely to best facilitate the child's development.  At KC, we have a wide base of knowledge and methodologies to apply the most effective method to accelerate your child's learning and reveal their potentials. ​

  • We are committed to Evidence Based Practices and we want to capture the valuable golden period of our children and assist them to reach their potential.


  • Many research has shown that intensive intervention in early age can make a significant impact to the child’s development in language, social, adaptive, play, academic and cognitive skills. 


  • We want our children to become happy, social, communicative, presentable and independent individuals. These skills do not always come spontaneously and thus, we need structured curriculum to facilitate the development of these incredibly important skills.

  • Promptness and responsiveness are critical in bringing out the child's potential.  A particular methodology can be the best method at one time but not another time.  A particular behavior can be fine at one stage but not another stage.  A particular skill can be good at one stage but not good enough for another stage.  Staying in tune and making responsive decisions on an ongoing basis are so critical in bringing out the child's potential.  At KC, we pride ourselves for that.

Tailor Made Program

Our tailor made program is our signature and most popular one here! In the program, each child receives a behavioral assessment, a profile analysis of the child's areas of strengths and areas for enhancement, a personalized educational plan, individualized materials, and a meticulous design and arrangement for the combination of one on one and group activities.  

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School Enhancement Program

The school enhancement program facilitates your child's attention, engagement and participation in and out of the class and the school setting.  It will also promotes your child's social behaviors and social interactions with his or her classmates in school. 

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Social Club

This is an awesome social class for any of the children to learn about social rules, social boundary, social manners and etiquette!  We target one particular topic in each class for our little social charms and there is no end to our social skills list! 

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Let's Party 

Who doesn't love group games, motor games and party games? The children will be having laughing attacks through so many games in the class!  They will enhance their social interest and sportsmanship greatly, watch out for the party animals!  

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Games On! 

A super fun combo of movement games and board games for your kindie child to stimulate both of their brain power and laughing muscle! The children will learn to wait for their turn, adhere to rules of games, asking questions and making comments in cognitively stimulating time! 

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Finger Power

Tickle, tickle, tickle.  Little fingers are so ticklish but they are use way more than that.  In this program, the class focus on strengthening the attention, control, strength, coordination, and synchronisation of the fingers and the wrist to facilitate the development of hand - writing skills.  

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Yes! Attention 

"Are you listening?" Is this what your child may have heard a lot from others?  In this program, we will be running exercises, activities, and table tasks to enhance your child's 4 types of different attention - selective attention, sustained attention, alternating attention & divided attention.  

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Story la la la ~

What are the skills involved to be a story teller? The right posture, the confidence to make eye contact, the right volume and pace of speech, the appropriate choice of vocabulary, the imagination, the punch line and there are too many to list them all.  In this program, the children will work as a team, build a story together, present it to the audience on our stage.  That's how you learn to be a charming speaker!  

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Artsy Art

Do you know art has this mysterious magic that it can draw all of your attention in and therapeutic?  In this program, our expressive art therapist will be using different art activities  as the medium for your child's social and emotional learning.  

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There are too many choices and we are absolutely overloaded by information.  It is difficult to filter out what we shall attend to and give our time and resources to.  Professional consultation does not only set you to the right path, but also saves much of your precious time, energy and resources.  

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We provide supervision and practicum opportunities to those who are interested in the pursue of the qualification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst®. 

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Special Request

If none of our program fulfills your need, please contact us and we are open to discuss whether we are able to accommodate your special request. 

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