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Social Thinking





Our SPARK program stands for the key foundations of the program which are:

Social Thinking, Personalized, Applied Behavior Analysis, Reaching the Potentials and Kids. 

It is a personalized program based on evidence-based practice embedded in developmental framework. 

Our SPARK Program is proven to be magical and transformative to the lives of hundreds of children in HK! 

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Why Join

This Program

Why join this program? 

 The golden period of neurodevelopment is age 2 - 6, where the children benefits most from early intervention. 

For info on brain architecture,

click here.  

Who Join

This Program

Who join this program?

Children ranges from age 2 - 6,  who are affected in their neurological development, with or without diagnosis, are suitable for this.

For developmental milestones, 

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Foundations of the Program

How professional is this program?

This is the ONLY program in HK that is under qualified supervision and certification from both of the clinical basis of Social Thinking and Applied Behavior Analysis. 

For info on BACB®, click here

For info on Social Thinking, click here.

Expectation of the Program

What can I expect from the program?

Most of the children will have significant progress shown in the first 3 months of time already.  The progress continues throughout the SPARK program. 

For the effectiveness of ABA,

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Days of the Program

How often does my child attend it? 

5 sessions / week 

Most of the children should attend the program on a full - time basis for the most optimal rate of learning and skills application.

Morning Program: 9:15 - 11:45 am

Afternoon Program: 1:15 - 3:45 pm

Sessions Formats

Is this session one on one or
group class?

Both + More!

All the children develop their target skills through a combination of: 

1) ME Time,

2) Partner Time and
3) Group Time. 


We are interested. 

How do I start the process?


Please go to Admission and fill in the Background Information Form.

We will then contact you within 24 hours to schedule a consultation so that we can meet with you and your child together.


What is in the consultation?

The consultation includes a screening session of your child, followed by a parent meeting to share the observation and to discuss the compatibility with the SPARK Program.


What follows after my child starts the program? 


 Within the first month of enrolment, the KC Team will complete the clinical assessment and design your child's
Personalized Learning Plan, followed by a parent meeting with you to discuss the plan.

Target Developmental Areas

What does my child learn?

Every child differs based on their own Personalized Learning Plan, but all the children will have target goals from the below target areas.  Strong emphasis is placed on communication, social skills and  group learning skills. 

Features of the Program

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Self Management 

The ability to self regulate and self manage self to perform routine and daily living activities independently. 

Play & Social 

The abilities to join in play; sustain in social interactions and develop friendship with peers


The interest and skills in observation learning from group settings & participating in group activities. 

Executive Functioning 

The skills in planning, alternating attention, problem solving and reasoning. 


Strength, balance and coordination of in performing gross motor actions & fine motor movements . 


The build up of approriate skills in replacement & prevention of inappropraite behaviors. 

Pre - Academic 

The ability to integrate information and understand abstract concept with logical thinking skills.


The ability to attend to the materials and sustain the attention to stay on task.


The interest to observe and then replicate the actions, expressions, behaviors or skills of others.


The abilities to follow instructions, expand vocabulary, produce articulation, make comments, ask questions & engage in conversations

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