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Program Events

Extreme Reading Challenge

October 28, 2020

Extreme Reading Photos Challenge! How extreme can you be in your reading?

Some children will be reading when they are at the beach when they are taking a shower, when they are jumping and running! What about yours? 

Our children think some of the extreme reading photos are funny, illogical, wrong, and even impossible! By having this event, our children are certainly inspired and find reading can be very interesting too! 

KC Handbook is finally born!

October 23, 2020

The KC Handbook is finally born, after months of designing, editing, and numerous versions of printing!


There is a lot of useful information in the handbook, such as session preparation, weather policy, sick leave policy, field trips, birthday celebrations, KC calendar, etc.

We have also added a section "Communication Log" where we make suggestions of home learning tasks to reinforce concepts and skills and promote its generalization. In the handbook, we welcome parents to leave us any sharing even it's just what the child did on the weekends!

Field Trip - Nature Explorer

January 23, 2020

We went to the Aberdeen Nature Trail to enjoy the breezy weather.

Our little explorers were curious about the surroundings and learnt to read signs and symbols.

They walked nicely in a group and were eager to try out the facilities along the way!

The one-hour walk was not easy, but they made it to the reservoir dam!

Field Trip - Christmas Shopping

December 13, 2019

Christmas is coming! To show their love, the children went to the shopping mall to get Xmas gifts for Mum and Dad. They were fascinated by the decorations in the mall and shops. They walked with the group, chose their gifts, and held carefully to the cashier. They did a great job following the social rules.

Hope you like the gifts your child picked for you!

Field Trip - Children's Discovery Museum

September 27, 2019

Can you see what they were drawing on the window? This photo was taken during the field trip at the Children's Discovery Museum. They curiously explored the museum with their body and senses. They did a fantastic job sharing the space and toys, taking turns to experience activities and playing very sensibly!

Field Trip - Let's Bake!

February 21, 2019

Mix Mix Mix…

Cut Cut Cut…

Rolling small pieces of dough into small balls...

Baking was a good activity to practice their fine motor skills.

Our little bakers went through the recipe with the chef, followed the instructions, measured the ingredients and mixed their dough. They could not wait to have a taste of their own end products!

Parent Event - Central Smile

December 08, 2017

Kids Connect and Central Smile have collaborated and conducted an oral hygiene workshop for the parents and their children.  In the first part of the parent workshop, there was the information seminar in which the parents learned about the oral hygiene, nutritional food, impact of sucking, dental problems, etc.  In the second part of the parent workshop, we have arranged for our children to attend the play session at Central Smile so the children had the opportunities to form a positive association with the dental tools and clinic.  It was a great success and the children all walked out happily! 

Parent Event - Happy Gathering!

September 29, 2016

We had such a wonderful parent gathering in September, which supplements our theme for the month of Family and Festival perfectly.  The parents had an enjoyable time playing the board games that the children was learning here.  All the parents also mingle and got together to chat and laugh.  It was such a lovely evening! 

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