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    Tailor Made Program 


Our Tailor Made Program is our signature & the most popular program here! 

A behavioral assessment & profiling will be performed prior and during the program on a regular basis.

 Your child's progress will be monitored through data collection and analysis on a daily basis. 

Your child's curriculum will be personally design and tailor to consolidate their strengths & overcome their weaknesses. 

Why Join

This Program

Early, high quality & tailor made program can exert a lifelong change to your child's brain architecture on intellectual, social and cognitive levels.

Who Join

This Program

Any child will benefit from this program! 

Those who are facing specific developmental or behavioural challenges maybe particularly interested. 



The ability to sit still and attend, responsive to 5 senses stimulation, attending to teaching prompts & ready to learn skills.

Self Management 

The ability to self regulate and self manage self to perform routine and daily living activities independently. 

Play & Social 

Independent play, imaginary play, social play skills and social interactions with peers


Listening and following instructions, articulation making comments, asking questions & conversation skills


The interest and skills in observation learning from group settings & participating in group activities. 


The skills in planning, alternating attention, problem solving and reasoning. 


Strength, balance and coordination of in performing gross motor actions & fine motor movements . 


The build up of approriate skills in replacement & prevention of inappropraite behaviors. 

Pre - Academic 

Generalizating, maintaining and connecting the learned skills and formulating novel concepts and ideas independently. 


The sustained attention to match, sort, recognize and differentiate items by their visual characteristics. 


The interest to observe and then replicate the actions, expressions, behaviors or skills of others.

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