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Professional Events

Play Together by Dr. Caleb Knight

November 16, 2020

We are so delighted to have a professional workshop conducted by Dr. Caleb Knight, who has been in the field of psychology for 30 years and is been providing his professional services in local and international schools in Hong Kong. 


In this workshop, Dr. Knight gave us a presentation on a social skills program for young children that he has developed based on his extensive years of experience. These social skills include, but not limited to, making eye contact, calling the friend's name, smiling, sharing, asking questions, turn-taking, offering help, and most importantly, having fun together!  

My Understanding and My Misunderstanding of ABA by Dr. Simpson Wong

June 18, 2019

We were very glad to have Dr. Simpson Wong over at our center to observe our sessions in actions, and to discuss methodology, effectiveness, and training with the clinical team.  Dr. Wong obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford.   He returned to HK ten years ago and he is now an Associate Professor at the Department of Education Studies, HK Baptist Univeristy.  

In this professional workshop, Dr. Wong reflected his passion in continuous learning in evidence - based models.  He shared the collection of his findings, perception of general public, and training qualification in relation to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  In addition, he also shared the latest development in terms of using virtual reality tools to facilitate the social skills learning.   We were absolutely inspired and hope to see more research will be conducted on effective programs! 

Professional Training - Conference for Research in Early Childhood Education

May 22, 2019

We are so pleased to be invited by the Department of Early Childhood Education from The Educational University of Hong Kong for the sharing of our programs and knowledge.  

In this conference, we a) created a big poster illustrating the workflow and the components of ABA, b ) conducted an interactive workshop and educated the audience on the social thinking concept of the Size of the Problem, and c) hosted a seminar of a case study of a 5 year boy and how he developed his potential using our unique and evidence - based approach. 


We all enjoyed our professional development time from preparing for the conference to sharing it with the audience!

Professional Training - Social Thinking Clinical Program by Social Thinking

April 08, 2018

Our Clinical Director, Miss Emily Kwan, attended the Social Thinking Clinical Training in Santa Clara and was directly trained by Miss Michelle Garcia and Miss Pamela Crooke, the founders of Social Thinking.  She is now one of the very few ones who received the certification of completion from the Social Thinking Clinical Training program in Hong Kong.  


Emily had such a fruitful and productive time in both of the clinics that are under the supervision of Michelle and Pam.  She was able to observe how Pam handled the assessment, scoring, profiling, and conceptualized the report! She also observed how program sessions were run for different age groups and social profiles in multiple rooms for days! 

Professional Training - Preference Assessment by Dr. CT Yu

April 24, 2018

Dr. CT Yu gave us a wonderful workshop on the topic of Stiumuls Preference Assessment! Dr. Yu is a professor from the psychology department in The University of Calgary.  He is also a distinguished research from the St. Amant Research Center.  Dr. Yu has recently developed and researched two training manuals to conduct stimulus preference assessments.  



During our professional workshop, we learned about different methods to assess what would be motivating to our children, so that we can deliver that as a consequence to reinforce their behaviors.  We also had the opportunities to do lots of hands - on activities! We are so grateful of such a fun workshop! 

Professional Training - Optimizing Kids Vision by Dr. Leonard Yuen

September 26, 2017

Dr. Leonard Yuen gave us a wonderful talk on the most common eye diseases in children and how would that reflect on their behaviors.  We also learned about how the assessment can be done when the children are not able to report what they see.  And, we loved to learn about some easy-to-apply strategies to best protect our eyes. 

Dr. Yuen is such a great speaker and he answered so many questions from us! We were so thankful to his sharing and giving us the professional training today! 

Professional Training - Professional Development Day

September 12, 2017

At KC, we have a heavy focus on the child's play, social and communication skills.  As you walk through our space, you will always hear how the children learn to make comments and ask questions, how they play on the board game, how they decide on the group games and learn to compromise or compete with each other, how they practice extending their social engagement and conversation, and it goes on and on.   We emphasize the importance of these soft skills and how they set the foundation for other skills as a lifetime learner.  


On our professional development day, we went through the conceptual, the materials and the execution plan for many of our social programs.  We don't ever think we can stop learning ourselves. 

Professional Training - Social Thinking by Michelle Garcia & Dr. Pamela Crooke

September 06, 2017

What is the difference between social skills and social thinking? How do we develop a social mind to interpret the everyday social situations? What are some of the common challenges to a social mind? What are the different social learning profiles? What content do we deliver to build up a child's social competency? What prerequisite skills does it involve? What is the expectations for the different age? 


Miss Michelle Garcia and Miss Pamela Crooke, the founders of Social Thinking ran an intensive workshop in Singapore in September.  Our Clinical Director, Miss Emily Kwan, discussed with them in length about social thinking, the measures of social skills, and the importance of social competence.  

Professional Training - Oral Health for Young Children by Dr. Irene Lau

July 25, 2017

In this workshop with Dr. Irene Lau from Central Smile, we learned so much specific information about oral hygiene that will be directly beneficial for our children.  We were shown different teeth conditions in children, signs of cavity, handling of emergency, dental check ups, transition from baby to adults' teeth, daily oral hygiene, specific aids for children with fine motor challenges, etc.  

We will be turning our Kids Office to a dental clinic next month so we can practice the oral hygiene activities with our children! 

Professional Training - Literacy & Language by Sarah Konopka

April 19, 2016

The Director of Speech and Language Development from Blurton Family Development Center gave us a professional workshop on Literacy and Language, how they tie to each other, and shared many hands - on strategies with us.  It was a lovely workshop filled with discussions! 

Professional Training - Diagnostic Assessment by Dr. Sylvia Doo

August 23, 2016

In this professional training, Dr. Doo shared with us for some of the diagnostic tools that she uses for developmental measurements.  She also shared how she tackles different challenges during her assessment and the factors that she would need to take into consideration during her assessment with families.  It was a really informative workshop! 

Professional Training - Inclusive Education by Dr. Rebecca Cheung

July 14, 2015

Dr. Rebecca Cheung gave us a workshop on the topic of The History and Development of Inclusive Education in Hong Kong! Dr. Cheung shared with us how the system changed over the years, and the impact it has on our current education system and support.  

June 08, 2015

Children often talk to themselves during play or problem solving situations.  Such private speech is believed to play an important role in the development of their self regulation and in the transfer of autonomy (e.g. teachers/parents/others) to self.  We learned a lot about the research on private speech and parent - child scaffolding in this workshop with Dr. Adam Winsler.   

LEGO x Social Skills Professional Training

July 05, 2013

We conducted 3 days training for the staff from Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen of the LEGO Education Centers.  They all had the hands on practice of how to facilitate social skills in their classes! 

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